How to Practice Business Etiquette in Ecuador

With the increased globalisation, every company has opened its doors for the foreign candidates. In addition, employees are not just restricted to work in the country of their birth but those who have extraordinary skills and creative ideas are also required to work in the company’s offshore offices to help other employees. This trend of job rotation and working in foreign offices has increased the need to understand norms of that particular culture and society as well as learning their etiquettes to conduct business practices in a smooth and convenient manner.


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    Formal dressing

    In order to ensure the synchronization among its employees from different backgrounds, all employers demand that the employees should dress formally. The days when people used to go to work in informal dressing have past and now there is pressure on employees to come to work in a formal dressing. Nevertheless, some companies provide relaxation to their employees by setting up a casual day every month but there is no leniency otherwise. Most importantly, employees are strictly instructed to dress formally for the meetings. For this, you must wear a suit of reasonable colour along with a matching tie and make sure that your shoes are polished.

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    It is important that you must have a healthy interaction with your peers and you should never disrespect them. Maintaining a healthy interaction with your peers and managers helps you in keeping a healthy relationship with them and helps you a lot in the long term.

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    Attend meetings on time

    If your manager has asked you to arrange a meeting with fellow employees or a businessman, you must do as you were told. Keep in mind that you should attend the meeting on time and make sure that your fellow employees are not behind the schedule. In most cases, Ecuadorian people like to conduct meetings during the lunch timing and they like to drink during a meeting, so do not be worried as it is norm.

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    You should not behave improperly with any of your colleagues and clients as just like other, the Ecuadorian employers consider it of utmost importance that clients and fellow members should be treated in proper manner.

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    Note that Ecuadorian people give priority to senior citizens. Therefore, if anyone of old age comes to you, you must greet him very respectfully and address to his/her every query in a proper manner.

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