How to Practice Racquetball at Home

Undoubtedly, racquetball is one of the toughest games played in the world that not only requires stamina and technique but also demands sharp reflexes. Racquetball, commonly known as Squash, can be played both in and outdoors with a hollow rubber ball. Unlike many other games, only two players in racquet ball can compete at the same time and the court is relatively smaller as compared to other games. Follow some simple guidelines to learn how to practice racquetball at home.


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    Get your stuff

    First of all, you should make sure that you have the required items to play racquetball. Most people prefer practicing at home before joining a club as this helps them keep up the pace and secure their image. You must get a good quality racquet and a ball, do not forget to mark lines on the wall.

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    Choose a place

    You must choose a perfect place in your home. For this, you can choose a room or you can just practice on the outer side of the wall. You must get chalk or spray paint, as you will have to mark two lines. You should draw two lines on the wall one in the middle and the other on top, so you could practice your serve and smashing hits.

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    Do your warm up

    Before starting practice, it is highly recommended that you should do the proper warm up. For this, do not forget to perform stretching exercises and jog for at least 10 minutes. After your body has warmed up, you should do a few sets of push ups to prepare yourself for the game.

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    Choose a partner

    If you are planning to join a squash club with your friend, it is strongly advised that you should ask them to practice with you at home. On the other hand, you can also take help from family members because without a reasonable partner, you will not be able to practice properly.

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    Play for at least 30 minutes

    If you really want to improve your stamina and strength, it is strongly advised that you should practice racquetball for at least 30 minutes everyday. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you choose a partner who is better than you, as this will help you keep up the pace.

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