How To Prepare Drag Race Cars

Drag Racing – a kind of racing in which two cars accelerate from zero, on a straight track usually not more than five miles.  One can easily conclude any driver’s shifting accuracy by this type of race. Cars participating in these races called dragster.

Drag racing is a whole science and to win, the drivers must not only have a quick car but also a lot of other useful knowledge in this regard, as some of the world’s best experts assure the fastest acceleration car depends on 60% of the drivers and 40% of the cars.

Naturally the fastest dragster acceleration depends on the power of the engine, so all participating cars are divided into classes, depending on the capacity of the installed engine and type.

Street dragster passing the quarter mile in 10 seconds is considered very fast. Power of such a car is at least 500 horsepower. Drag racing first came to the United States and became very popular across the world in recent years.


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    You should use tires that can sustain optimum pressure. Each driver picks it up individually. General rule says that the lower the pressure, the greater the contact and thus better grip. There are special tires for drag Racing (slicks) and conventional tires cannot compete with them.

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    Before starting a race, we have to increase the outer tire temperature (as they say it is necessary to warm up the bus). The higher the temperature, the better will be the grip of your vehicle. The easiest way to warm up the tires is to create increased friction between the wheels, spin the wheel in simple words. Preheat the tires are other ways, but this method is the fastest.

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    Reducing vehicle weight will give you further dimension above the other racers. The first thing you can do is to remove all the unnecessary equipment from your cars: spare wheel, seats, interior panelling etc.

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    Improving aerodynamics dragster will certainly help you in getting ahead from the racers because any car after 100 km/h takes more air resistance. Given that the average speed of the car is usually 200 km/h, drivers should take great care of how to improve air resistance.

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