How to Prepare for a Marketing Job Interview

Marketing is basically a chemistry in the form of a strategy that lies between the consumer and the company. During a marketing job interview, the organization is seeking the very same chemistry with the potential candidates, as to who would serve their interests well.

A marketing job interview encounter involves the interaction of you along with the organization whom you seek to be your potential employer. It’s your job that you have to convince your interviewer into hiring you by using your marketing skills, one they’re particularly looking for.


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    Do your homework

    In order to be well-prepared for the job interview you need to do a thorough study on the organization in which you have applied or who have called you up for an interview. The internet serves as the main source for collecting all the necessary information about the company. Browse their product catalog, their services, their annual reports and their press releases. It's essential to do that because it helps you being mentally prepared for here you're supposed to be working and what the organization might be expecting from you.

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    Dress like a true professional

    It's often said that the first impression has a very long lasting impression on the mind of people, and that certainly proves to be true in the case of job interviews. The interviewer's decision is 70% made by the time you sit down for the interview. And in order to imply a positive image on your interviewer, you need to dress properly. Try a good-looking business suit along with matching shoes and accessories for the meeting. However, don't go too flashy on your attire as the interviewer might disapprove of it.

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    Customize your resume

    You need to format your resume in such a manner that the skills required for the job that you're applying for, are highlighted in such a manner that they get the required attention. You can mention relevant research papers, college projects and other such jobs which would provide you a leading edge over other candidates for the job. Remember, in jobs such as these, practical experience and achievements are more important than good grades.

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    Sell yourself

    As a marketing professional you should be ready to sell yourself as a product which would benefit the organization. This is expected in most of the marketing job interviews, as it determines the ability of the candidate as a true professional. When asked a question, support your answer using real-world examples instead of theoretical concepts, boosting your knowledge about the real situation at hand in the market. No need to feel modest in describing your skills and abilities to your interviewers.

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    Be confident

    The most important thing to be observed in a marketing job candidate is his confidence, and his ability to get the job done. Moreover, don't hesitate to ask a few questions of your own regarding the salary, job description and the organization. Doing this so would also help you in determining whether it's the right job for you or not.

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    Send a thank you note

    Be courteous. Even if you're not offered the job, it doesn't matter. Send them a thank you note or e-mail, thanking them for the opportunity provided. Sending that note helps in developing a good image to the organization. Who knows they might offer you a better job in the near future?

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