How to Preserve Your Comic Books

Children have a passion of reading comics when they are young and many of them want to store the best memories of their childhood. Young ones usually have a great collection of comic books and they want these books to stay in their best shape for a possible second time reading in the future.

There are many simple ways to store comics in an effective way. You need to put the comics in a plastic bag initially and use backing boards before you tape them. Placing the bags in a corrugated plastic box will provide a very good safety for a number of years.


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    Put comics in plastic bags

    Use plastic bags to store the comics. These will keep the comic books away from dust and will secure them for a longer period of time. Make sure the plastic bags you use are acid-free as any other would damage the comic instead of securing it.

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    Use backing boards

    The use of backing boards is very important as they help the comics remain flat. The books can be damaged if they are bent in the boxes they are put in. To avoid this, backing boards are used. Make sure the backing boards you use are also acid-free.

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    Tape the plastic bags

    Tape the plastic bags from both ends and make sure that they are closed properly. Try to tape on both the upper and lower side to provide added protection if the plastic bag tears from anywhere.

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    Place the comic books in boxes

    Carefully place the comics in small boxes. There are special comic boxes available in the market for this purpose. Using cardboard boxes may not be appropriate as they are mostly damaged by water. The best option for storing comic books is corrugated plastic boxes as they will not be damaged by water.

    Place the plastic bags that contain your comics in an upright position in the boxes. It is always good to leave minimum space between the plastic bags so that they remain in the position you have placed them in.

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    Store in a secure place

    Once all the comics are placed in the box, lift the box to see if it is not filled more than its weight. Place the box in a place where there is minimum light. It is always good to store the comics in cupboards at main level. Do not place the box in a place where there is direct sunlight or a source of water close by.

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