How to Prevent Bad Breath from Ketosis

Ketosis can be defined as the state of the body, when it has accumulated excessive ketones. Usually it happens when you take a low-carbohydrate diet, followed by a high-carbohydrate diet. One might think that what it has to do with forming ketones.

The answer is very simple. When you take a low-carbohydrate diet and follow it with a high-carbohydrate diet, the fat in your body starts converting into energy and the fast and metabolism shift causes the ketones to form in your body. As a result, you start feeling ketosis breath, usually at the morning time.


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    Always try to drink plenty of water on daily basis. It is recommended that you should take at least eight glass of water every day in order to avoid bad breath caused by chronic dry mouth.

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    Chew mints and gums, as they help in neutralising the effect of ketosis. In the meantime, you should try to use sugar-free products, since sugar can cause bacteria to form in your mouth, which is a main reason of foul breath.

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    Try consuming food that contains more carbohydrates. Sometimes, altering the dietary plan can solve your bad breath issue.

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    Brush and floss your teeth on regular basis. Also, try to clean your whole mouth while brushing, including your gums and tongue. It will greatly reduce or even neutralise ketosis breath. Also, you should use alcohol-free mouthwash, as alcohol is a dehydrating agent and dry mouth causes bad breath to form more often. Sometimes, brushing and flossing does not solve ketosis breath. However, it will certainly help in eliminating plaque and bacteria from your mouth.

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    Fresh parsley can work as a great neutralising agent for bad breath. Therefore, you should chew this natural herb on regular basis to neutralise the effect of ketosis. Also, whenever you go to a restaurant and you find parsley or sprig placed on your plate, do not think that it has been served in front of you just for garnishing purpose. In fact, you can also chew it after you are done with your meal.

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    You can also check your blood sugar levels, as diet changes can cause the glucose level to change in your blood. If the glucose level is high, then it is the main reason behind ketosis formation.

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