How to Prevent Getting a Bunion

Bunion is a foot-disease that can occur due to an abnormal growth of the big toe of one’s feet. It’s a common deformity that takes place mostly due to uncomfortable footwear. It’s necessary that you should wear such footwear that doesn’t apply too much pressure on your toe, which might cause a deformity.


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    Wear shoes that have enough room for your toes to wiggle inside. This means that there is no unnecessary pressure being applied on your toes, hence limiting the possibility of a bunion to take place.

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    The precautionary measures suggesting wearing comfortable footwear do not only limit to shoes. If you're wearing sandals or other low heels, then make sure they provide enough space for your toe to be in its comfort zone, by not putting too much pressure on it.

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    If you're feeling a sense of continuous pain around your toes due to the shoes you wear, then it's about time that you consider changing them. It's better to consider the precautionary measures, instead of waiting for something to happen. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is one of the major causes of Bunions, therefore it's essential that you should select such a footwear that you feel comfortable in.

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    It's good to leave your feet out in the open for a while. Try walking barefoot around the house, to relieve your feet from the pressure of shoes or heels. Walking barefoot also helps in providing your toes the room to relax, eventually causing your feet to return to their natural posture. You'll find it to be quite a relaxing experience as you feel the ground beneath your feet.

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    Try to avoid wearing high heels. Wearing high heels affects the natural posture of your feet, which can prove to be a major cause for bunions. If wearing heels is a necessity for you, then don't wear heels higher than 2 inches at most.

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    Bunions can also take place if you don't 'walk the right way'. One needs to walk in a proper manner, without applying too much pressure on one side of the feet or the toes. This would eventually lead to bunions, as the unbalanced pressure would cause the skeletal structure of the foot to adapt to your walking posture. Applying excessive pressure on the big toe can cause an abnormal growth around the toe, this deformity is what results in bunions.

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    Discard shoes that either seem too tight on your toes, or don't resemble the natural shape of human foot. These shoes, if worn, would cause you serious feet problems. Therefore, it’s better that you get rid of such footwear that would do you harm, as there is no point in keeping them.

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