How to Prevent Ocular Migraines

Sometimes while attentively working on a computer, you can notice that you are having difficulty focusing with your eyes and suddenly zigzag flashing lights will start emerging from the screen. You might start thinking of the possible unfortunate conditions like losing vision, stroke, nervous breakdown etc. In reality; you are experiencing an Ocular Migraine – also known as ophthalmologic, ophthalmic, silent or painless migraine. It is a type of the traditional migraine but its symptoms are not different but very difficult to identify. However, fractional vision loss, blurring, dimming, blind spots in vision, nausea, light headache feeling, vomiting and flashes of light are some of the possible symptoms of ocular migraines.

There are numerous possible ways to avoid Ocular Migraines, but as it is well said “Prevention is better than Cure.” So, isn’t it better taking necessary steps to stay away from this irritating condition rather than experimenting with the curing techniques?


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    Stay Hydrated

    Dehydration is one among the major reasons of Ocular Migraine. By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water on daily basis, you can put a stop to this migraine.

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    No Stress Please!

    As you know stress if the root cause of many health issues, and Ocular Migraine is one of them. Try to avoid getting into the activities that can make you stressful or sad. If you cannot prevent tensions, then try to Laugh at Yourself in order to reduce stress.

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    Smoking Kills!

    Besides being very injurious for health, smoking is one among the major reasons of Ocular Migraine. Learn How to Stop Cravings for Smoking.

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    Keep an eye on your blood pressure

    Make sure to check your blood pressure level regularly and take necessary steps to keep it under control. High blood pressure can leads to Ocular Migraines. Be your own doctor and Take a Blood Pressure to know about its level. What, you have your blood pressure level is high? Then Control High Blood Pressure with Foods or Use High Blood Pressure Herbs.

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    No Excessive Heat at all

    Excessive heat is another major cause of Ocular Migraines. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, placing laptop on your lap or sitting closer to the heating systems.

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    Give yourself a break

    Come out of your computer and relax for some time. Heavy computer works can drag you towards Ocular Migraines. If you cannot stay away from your system, then at least set it a suitable distance and blink your eye frequently.

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    Know the other possible triggers of Ocular Migraine

    There are several other possible reasons of Ocular Migraines that you can avoid in order to stay away from this uncomfortable condition. Given below are the triggers:

    - Foods – smoked meats, red wine, cheesy items, caffeinated drinks, and chocolate etc
    - Watching television
    - Long periods of reading
    - Activities that require intense focus
    - Strenuous exercises
    - Bending over
    - Low blood sugar
    - High altitude

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