How to Prevent Spider Veins Naturally

Dilated capillaries on the skin, resembling spider legs, and common among children and pregnant women are called spider veins. They usually appear on the upper thigh, around the ankles and below the knee joints. These can be cured if you manage to bring a radical change in your diet and relieve stress on your legs. Mainly, you need to improve your blood circulation in order to get rid of the spider veins. By following some basic steps you can completely remove or at least reduce your spider veins.


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    The first thing is to get better circulation throughout your body as it plays a crucial role in helping you get rid of those unwanted spider veins. For getting the required circulation, you need to exercise. You do not have to hit the gym every day, as walking your dog and doing house chores is enough to get your circulation going.

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    People who are overweight end up with spider veins as there is more pressure on their legs. So the best thing is to keep your weight in check, and lose a few pounds if you need to.

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    Use of compression stockings can also help you lose spider veins, as they squeeze your legs.

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    You can also improve your circulation by placing a pillow under your legs while you sleep on your back. This relieves pressure on your legs and helps in curing the spider veins.

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    You need to perform leg toning exercises in order to get rid of the spider veins as exercises like stretching will increase your blood circulation.

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    Rub or place a cloth soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar on your legs for about half an hour to reduce the spider veins.

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    Introduce garlic and ginger in your diet as it prevents spider veins.

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    Avoid excessive alcohol drinking as it causes your veins to dilate, resulting in spider veins.

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    Sitting cross legged for an extended period of time can cut off circulation and form spider veins; hence, avoid sitting with your legs crossed.

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    Reduce the use of excess salt in your diet as it is another reason for getting those unwanted spider veins.

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    Smoking also causes spider veins, so it is recommended that you lose your smoking habit if you want to get rid of spider veins.

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    For ladies, wearing high heels is another reason behind getting spider veins, as heels put pressure on the veins in an unnatural position.

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    Sun damage makes your spider veins look even worse than they really are, so it is suggested that you use sun block or at least cover them properly when you go out.

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