how to promote your music for free

You might fancy becoming a musician or a singer. You might take this as a hobby for entertaining yourself or may be others.

It does not matter if you do it on a professional level or amateur level but If you do it and invest your precious time, energy, resources and money, it can pay you huge dividends once you make up your mind to promote your music for free.

Your musical activities can earn you a good place to live and similar facilities courtesy to the sweetness in your voice. And if you create music – you can be sure that there are people who are interested in getting it, who want to listen to it and are willing to pay money for it.

Today, music is completely moved to the online space and the Internet is radically changed the way music distribution and overall, it just gives you unlimited possibilities. The main thing is to use a medium to realize that you are fully responsible for the promotion of their music online.

You have to think about how to bring music to the masses. Just want to note that before you begin to engage in the promotion of your music, spend time thinking about its quality and originality.

Again, it all depends on what path you choose: You can become ephemeral poppy producer (whose music lives a few months and then people tend to forget about), or an interesting performer, whose music is individual and memorable!


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    First, you must prepare a minimum three songs in your album with different tones and music. You can promote your music by some of the largest social music network available on the internet.  There is little arguing to the statement that this is one of the best ways to express your musical sense among music lovers. Some site reportedly has more than 40 million active audiences and to promote your music it only requires creating an account.

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    You can also promoted your music by using social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Google plus and forums like Twitter and YouTube or you can make your own website and put your music in it and promote it through all of the aforementioned mediums.

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    You can always buy a space on a high end traffic website to post any add about your music album.

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