How to Propagate Magnolia Trees

The magnolia plant is one of the most beautiful plants when the flowers have blossomed in spring time. It has multiple shades but the pink one just melts the heart. Magnolia is the official state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana. It is also the official tree of the state of Mississippi which is also known as the Magnolia State due to the abundance of the trees.

One can propagate the magnolia with the seeds as well as several ways of grafting. There are pros and cons of both and one must do it the right way to have the best results.


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    Healthy Stem

    Select a healthy stem, ideally that has a diameter of half an inch and make a couple of cuts parallel to each other. The length should be around one and two inches. After making the incision, cut through the bark. Connect the two earlier cuts with the help of a vertical cut.

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    Peel the Bark

    Afterwards peel away the bark and also the outer part of the stem which will help in exposing the inner woody tissue.

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    The next thing to do is to wrap a bandage around the cut, similar in nature to a sphagnum moss. It should be soaked but squeeze out the excess water. If it does not adhere, tie a string around it to secure it but make sure you don't tie it too tight.

  • 4

    Put Film On

    The next step is to put polyethylene film around the area covered with moss and give it three to four rounds. This will be helpful in holding the moisture inside. Make sure that you the film adheres well.

  • 5

    Remove Rooted Branch

    After two to three months, a rooted branch should appear from the plant. Cut it with the help of scissors. Remove the film that you had wrapped earlier but do not disturb the moss of the roots.

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    Pot it

    Next pot the plant in soil that is rich in nature. Do put a shade over the plant for about a week and avoid exposing the plant to strong sunlight. Allow it time to have its roots get established.

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    Pot it in the Yard

    Afterwards, start giving it some exposure to the sun by making a few holes in the film once in a few days. Gradually the plant will be ready to be planted in the yard. Plant it out when it grows out of its container.

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