How to Protect a New Invention

After inventing or making something new, the next thing you need to do is to protect it. You need to guard it against the people or organisation that will make profit from your invention or copy your idea. The most common way is to file a patent so no one can use the product for almost 20 years. United States gives patent to the person who made the invention and not the one who files it first. However, in the rest of the world people who files a patent first are granted the patent regardless of who is the actual inventor.


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    Check whether your invention is patentable

    You need to check whether your invention is applicable for getting a patent or not. An invention which is new, useful and improved as compared to previous invention is applicable for patent. You can see USPTO files in order to check whether anyone invented similar product or not.

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    Get the forms from USPTO

    After confirming that your invention is patentable, you need to get the appropriate forms from the USPTO. Get a cover sheet and a fee transmittal form in order to apply for patent.

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    Fill out the fee form

    You should submit a cheque or money order along with fee form. Remember to make the cheque payable in the name of the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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    Describe your invention

    You need to completely describe your invention to the USPTO. Fully describe your invention by telling what it is, how it is use etc. Also tell how your invention is different from the previous inventions.

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    Get drawings of your inventions. Remember to show drawings of how your invention works and how it is used etc.

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    Submit the form

    In the end you need to submit the complete form. Include the description, drawings, fee, forms and the cover sheet to the USPTO.

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