How to Protect Yourself From Lightening

It was recently reported that every year almost 100 people die in the United States because of lightning. Moreover, at least 300 people get injured because of the same problem. Thunderstorms can be dangerous and there is a reason why people try to protect themselves from such accidents. Therefore, try to take precautionary measures so that you don’t end up being a victim of this natural calamity. Take out time and try to understand the risk involved in this whole scenario. Start protecting yourself and your family so you don’t fall pretty to this problem.


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    When you know that there is a thunderstorm coming, you must first protect yourself by running under a roof. It is advised that you go to your home because you are the safest once all the doors and windows are closed.

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    It is advised that you should not talk on the phone while there is a thunder storm outside. The electrical surges caused by the lightning can enter your home through the telephone line or the electrical wiring.

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    If you have metal pipes at home, get them changed. Metal is a good conductor of electricity and in order to avoid lightning, you must get rid of the metal pipes and get them replaced by plastic ones.

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    If you know that lightning is imminent then try not to go for a shower, don’t wash your hands; in fact, don’t wet yourself in any way. There are chances that you might get electrocuted.

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    Turn off all the heavier appliances and unplug them. As mentioned before, there are chances that lightning might enter your house through the electrical wiring.

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    You also need to understand that a bolt of lightning can even strike 10 miles away from where it is happening. Therefore, you don’t have to only be at the heart of things to get struck by lightning. Be careful if you are in a 10-mile radius of a thunderstorm.

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    Try to use a surge protector in your home. It is easily available at discount on several hardware stores and it is considered to be a safety plug. Try to protect specific items with this safety plug, for instance computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. This plug is going to automatically shut down electricity in case lightning does strike. Eventually it is going to prevent all your items from catching fire.

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    Lastly, you can protect your whole house with the help of lightning suppressors. These are special devices which can diminish the damage caused by a lightning bolt. Use these suppressors on electrical systems, televisions and cable antennas.

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