How to Prune a Forsythia Bush

Forsythia bushes, member of Oleaceae family, are one among the first colorful plants to bloom during the early days of spring and are therefore known as a “welcome sight” to gardeners. The Forsythia Bush is one among the speedy mounting flowering bushes with a 1 to 2 feet growing-speed per year. Therefore, these bushes require proper pruning in order to maintain their proper shape and to keep them eye-catching all the time. There are numerous pruning styles that you can consider to prune your Forsythia Bushes as they are simple to perform and enhance the overall appearance of the plant.


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    Wait for the right time

    Identifying the right pruning time is the key to healthy and beautiful forsythia bush. Prune it right after the blooming season.

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    Prune the drawn out branches

    Use sharp secateurs to shape your forsythia bush by trimming off all its branches that are sticking out from the desired shape. However, make sure to cut the branches right back to their main stem.

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    Prune the whole stem

    If your forsythia bush is totally out of shape and if think that pruning wouldn’t work for you to enhance its appearance,  trim it off from the bottom.  All you have to do is, use loppers to cut the whole bush back to within 4 to 6-inches of the ground. It provides you with an opportunity to continue your plant’s growth in the desired shape once new growth comes in.

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    Consider Renewal Pruning

    This pruning is perfect for a standard forsythia bush. Clip less than a third of the branches or canes. Repeat this type of pruning after every three to four years, or as needed.

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    Prune the suckers and runners

    Grab the secateurs and cut off all the runners or suckers all round the bottom (stem) of your forsythia bush. They can make your plant look messy and absorbs its essential nutrients.

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    Keep pruning

    Once you have attained the desired shape of your forsythia bush, continue light pruning every year right after the blooming season to keep its desired shape.

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