How to Prune Houseplants

People having an interest in gardening always remain concerned about the overall appearance of their houseplants. The pruning of houseplants is quite essential in order to give them a tidy look. If you leave your houseplants to grow freely, some of these plants will become very tall while others will spread in all directions. This will give a shabby look to your houseplants.

In order to avoid this and keep your plants looking neat and trimmed, you need to prune them – not only will this improve their appearance, it will also keep the plants healthy.

Things Required:

– Pruning shears
– Plant clippers
– Fertiliser


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    First of all, you should prune or remove different parts or branches of house plants which are growing in an untidy manner. Make sure you select only the essential parts of the house plants for pruning, otherwise you will end up disturbing the shape and growth of the plants.

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    If you prune your plants at regular intervals, then all you need is a few snips and your houseplants will grow in a disciplined manner. However, an extensive pruning will be required if you leave the houseplants to grow freely for many months.

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    Effective pruning depends on the weather as well. Some houseplants require pruning of all their branches or bows, especially when the spring season is approaching. In spring, which is the season of growing new branches, if you leave the previous branches untrimmed, the plants will lose their tidy look.

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    While pruning the houseplants, you should always use pruning shears (for heavy-duty cutting) or a pair of plant clippers (for snipping smaller leaves and stems). It is especially important to remove or cut the leaves and branches that are infected with any type of botanical disease. Removing such diseased branches and leaves helps in keeping the whole plant healthy.

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    You need to remove the growth of new branches or leaves that you think will disturb the overall appearance of the plant. In order to keep your houseplants tidy, you need to control their growth in a systematic way.

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    While doing a major pruning, you should cut the branches by leaving just three inches with the stem of the plant. It will make room for new branches to grow faster.

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    If you observe that the stem of the plant is weak then you should regularly trim the branches and leaves in order to keep the plant in good shape.

    After every session of major pruning, you should fertilise the plant properly, in order to speed up the growth of new branches.

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