How to Pull Someone Into a River Raft

If you have been out for an adventure and things have gone way out of control, it is of utmost importance that you should proceed with care to handle the situation tactfully. If you have found someone in trouble and want to pull him/her into your river raft, it is of considerable importance that you should not try to rush into things but handle the situation with care. Of course, not every person is trained or prepared for such an activity; therefore, you must remain careful as you do not want to hurt the person.


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    Focus on his position

    First of all, you should focus on the position of a person. This will not only give you an idea about his condition but you will also be able to assess the situation. Remember that it is necessary that you try to be careful otherwise you will not be able to pull him into the raft. You do not want to be in that person’s position while helping him out; therefore, it is of reasonable importance that you should not allow him to pull you out of the raft.

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    Take the raft near him

    After you have assessed the person, it is of utmost importance that you should take the raft near that person. Remember that in most of the cases, an individual is dead tired to swim towards the raft or the water conditions are not in favour; therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take the raft near to him. You must plan it well and be prepared to stop the raft near that person otherwise it will be hard for you to pull him into the raft. Note that the closer you get towards the person; more will be your chances of keeping him safe.

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    Tell him to hold the raft

    After you have brought the raft near that person, you should ask him to hold the border of the raft as this will give him relief. You must also ask him to hold it tightly and try to pull him in the raft. For this, you should try to hold him from his underarms and quickly pull him upwards so he could get in the raft. You can also throw the tube at him if you have as this will help him in keeping him safe.

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