How to Put a Riser on a Lawn Water Sprinkler

Putting a riser on a garden or lawn sprinkler is a dead easy job, which you can do with a delicate ease. Make  sure you choose the right riser, which can be a sprayer or an impact riser. You can even use both tools. Also, you do not need any major tools for the job, a riser and a Teflon tape are the only tools required. Risers is one of the effective ways to water your plant gradually and in a way that it covers entire plants, from root beds to leaves.


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    Riser Attachment Point

    A riser is attached to sprinkler head, which is present just under the sprinkler. If you do not know how to locate and fix it, you can search online how different sprinklers work and how you can attach risers to them and then can easily do the job.

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    Teflon Tape

    Teflon tape works as lubricant on the sprinkler pipe. Make sure you wrap enough tape that it covers threads of the risen pipe.  Prevent the tape from water, as it can remove its sticky solution and it will not effectively wrap around the pipe. If the risen pipe threads are not covered entirely, this will cause problem in fixing the riser on it. So make sure you wrap the tape thoroughly.

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    Attaching Riser

    After wrapping around the tape, use one side to attach the supply line. After putting the riser in the supply pipe, move it clockwise to tighten it. You will need to tighten the pipe firmly; however, do not put too much weight or pressure on the pipe.

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    Use of Heads

    You can then choose a head you want to use on the riser top. This includes sprayers and impact heads. You should keep in mind the water need of the plants while using heads on the riser. After putting a head on the riser, turn it clockwise to tighten it. After this you can test the system by turning on the water supply line to the riser. If you have followed all steps carefully and taken care while executing each part of your work, there should not be any problem, and your system should work fine.

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