How to Qualify For a Business Loan

The need for business loan has intensified as everyone prefers starting his/her own business rather than starting a job or some might need it for expansion. Nevertheless, getting your business loan sanctioned is not as easy as applying for it is. At some point in life, everyone feels the need to start a business in an attempt to earn more money for a better future but one need to really have a sound convincing power to prove his point to banks or other lending institutions.

For those, who have no business history and want to start their own business, making their way through the process can be very exhaustive as bank managers have little interest in the beginners but with the help of those who faced similar problems, one can succeed in this.

In this regard, one has to prove that his/her idea is worth giving a chance and he/she is an ideal candidate for credit and of course paying back the bank would be done exactly as agreed in the terms.


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    To avail a business loan, your financial history should be sound.

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    You need to evaluate your credit history and your personal records. At the same time, obtaining a business tax ID from and maintaining a good FICO score would be good.

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    To show your lenders that you have keen interest in your plan, you should invest your money, portraying that not just their money is on risk but you are also willing to put your savings on risk. To prove this, you must open a checking account and transfer your funds into the dedicated account linked with your new tax ID number.

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    Your potential lenders need to be certain of the fact that you have adequate equity to handle majority of your loan that you wish to finance. For this, you need to form a list of all your assets along with the income tax returns of last five years.

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    You should also provide them the evidence of your recent business dealings, showing the risk that you have taken in the past years and your ability to handle that. This can be proved by providing them your financial data including balance sheets in conjunction with profit and loss statements.

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    Keep in mind that your personal history plays an important role in all this because when lenders look at the potential borrowers they want to be certain that they are trustworthy and their investment will be secured.

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