How to Raise Bilingual Children

The world is now considered to be a global village. Considering the speed of communication and how many people have emigrated from one place to another in the last couple years, it is certainly a notion that is accurate. It has added many advantages but also various challenges that were previously absent.

One of these issues is raising bilingual children as it is something a lot of parents are facing the world over. Raising children the right way is crucial as it is the foundation for their future. This can be a difficult task and when you add the burden of an extra language, things get a bit harder. If you are patient then raising a bilingual child can be managed through the use of proper guidelines.


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    Talk to Them

    Make sure that when your kids are old enough to understand, you slowly make them understand that speaking two languages is normal and is an added benefit rather than a burden. It is something that will keep them in touch with their heritage while they learn the culture of the country they currently reside.

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    Make a strong Lingual Base

    It is important that the child initially learns one language to have a base. Starting off with two languages can be a hassle for a toddler and once the child has acquired reasonable skills in one language, he or she can be introduced to another. It is ideal that the mother's language is the primary one that is spoken in the start as it is also a source of confidence for the child and easier for the parents to communicate.

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    Speak One Language at a Time

    Although it is not an official language, many Latinos in America speak what is called Spanglish, a combination of Spanish and English. Even though it may be fine for adults, children should be spared of such experiments. Speak with them in one language at a time. Try not to incorporate words of two languages so that they can learn at least one properly.

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    Set a Timetable

    It is important that you instil lingual skills of both languages when the child is four to five years old. Research has shown that a child at that age can handle more than one language at a time. Make sure that you have designated time for the second language in which you speak or read. Ensure that you communicate purely in that language.

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