How to Raise Kids with Different Religions

Religion has become something more complex than it actually is. It is an established truth that all religions preach peace and sanctity and yet we see massacres all around the world in the name of religion.

What we human seem to have forgotten is that there is nothing more important than humanity. There should be tolerance amongst us all and under no circumstances should anyone enforce his/her views and opinions on others. Every body should have a right to decide and make choices for him/herself, especially when it comes to children.Youngsters pick up things very quickly, so it is better to teach them tolerance, love and respect instead of hatred. They might ask too many questions out of curiosity, but that should not be a problem, as you have to educate them about religion.

Most of the times, we marry people of the same belief and religion, which makes things quite easy. We don’t have to cope with different changes and the children also find it easy to understand the religion. However, there can be certain situations, where you fall in love with a person, who has different beliefs than yours. In that case, you will not think of the problems you might face in the future, but when the kids eventually grow up, there can be a big question mark over which religion they should choose. Whatever their choice may be, a conflict of concept with at least one parent will always be there.

Apparently it seems like a big issue, because of some stereotypical misconceptions, but with a bit of care and love, everything can run smoothly.


  • 1

    Respect all religions

    The most important thing is to respect all the religions. If you do that, the kids will follow your footsteps too, no matter what religion they belong to.

  • 2

    Come to common terms

    There are differences in each religion, but if you take a close look, there are quite a few similarities too. So, educate your children about the common terms in order to bring them closer to each other.

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    Teach tolerance to the kids

    One common problem we face these days in people of all age groups is that we don’t tolerate each other. Therefore, it is important to teach this to your kids. Advise them to patiently deal with one another.

  • 4

    Nothing is greater than humanity

    Although religious beliefs are important, the basic ingredient needed for peace is to learn the importance of humanity. Keep telling your kids that all humans are equal and they should be dealt with patience and love.

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