How to React Nicely when Insulted

Insult in any phase of life is no doubt very hurtful as it hurts your feelings. However, no one can deny this fact that we come across many people who insult us one another every day, at times numerous times a day, deliberately or by mistake. Therefore, we cannot take insults into our nerves as it can spoil our minor happiness from life, making our lives more complicated. It is better to deal the insult tactically so that we can live a stress free and happy life. The given below simple steps will help you to survive an insult, without harming your self-respect.


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    Stay calm after being insulted

    Do not respond to any insult if you really want to survive it gracefully. Take things lightly and stay calm in response of any type of insult. Your nice behavior in response of next person’s insult will surely make him realize that he or she is wrong. Responding an insult with another insult will give birth to more annoying situations.

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    It looks awkward to respond an insult with a cute smile but it really works in converting a tensed situation into a relax one. Be bravo and reply the insults with a smile, nicely answering the next person that “Do you really think so?” It will make them to re-think about their ill behavior towards you. As a result, your one smile can create a nice environment around you.

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    Try not to show your feelings

    Make sure not to show your feelings if you are insulted or affronted. The more you take an insult seriously, the tougher will be the situation for you to digest. The main aim of the next person is to hurt your feeling. So if you showed your feeling that you are hurt of his or her insult, then it simply means the next person has achieved his/her goal. Therefore, have a confidence in yourself and defeat his/her aim by pretending that you really do not care whatever he or she says.

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    Walk away

    Walk away from the area where you have been insulted. It will provide the guilty person with an opportunity to re-think about his or her behavior towards you. No doubt, he or she will realize their fault soon.

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