How to Read a Picture Book to a Child

There are a variety of activities the children can take part in to develop and nourish their mindset. You can read picture books to the children everyday so that they develop a clear understanding of things. This helps in a great way as the child is prepared for the tasks when he or she joins school. You must make sure that you read the book to the child slowly so that all the words are clearly understood. Reading in the perfect environment is also very important for the development of the child.


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    Set the environment

    The environment is extremely important for the child when he or she wants to read. If you want the child to focus, make sure that you sit in a room with no noise at all. This will help the young ones to relate the text with the pictures and they will concentrate on the story.

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    Start with the cover of the book

    The first thing you need to is to read out the name of the story to the child and tell him or her what the basic story is about. This will develop a basic idea in the child’s mind. Make sure you take care of any confusion that are in the mind of the child regarding this case.

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    Read slowly

    This is also important. You must read every word and sentence clearly and slowly so that the child perfectly understands what is being said. Also pay attention on how the child is reacting. Does he or she seem interested or not. This will help you in determining whether the child understands what you are saying or not.

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    Explain after every page

    Try to explain the summary of the page to the child after you end it. First let the child tell you what he or she understood from the page. If you feel the need to explain something else, add to the information of the child.

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    Develop a routine

    It is extremely important to develop a routine for the child. Take out time everyday for reading as this is the proper way to teach. If you read a book every two or three days, the child may not remember the previous lesson.

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