How to Read the Book of Mormon

Reading books is a very productive hobby, as it enlightens one’s mind and enhances knowledge at the same time. Religious books might seem a bit complex to read but with proper guidance and strategy, you can easily understand all sorts of religious books, such as the Book of Mormon. This particular book is related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and you need to note down certain tips before you start reading it.

The Members of the LDS Church follow the believes encrypted in the Book of Mormon. According to the Church, “the Book of Mormon is a record of God’s dealings with the people who lived in the ancient America.” This book consists of 531 pages and reading one and a half page a day can let you fully read the Mormon in one year.


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    Obtain the Book of Mormon

    First thing first, you have to get the Book of Mormon. You can check out your local library or download a soft copy from the internet.

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    Pick Free Time to Read

    Allocate some free time of the day when you can read the Book of Mormon in a quite environment.

  • 3

    Make a Mind Set

    Realise what the Book says about Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit influence you. Try to understand every word you read and let the teachings influence your mind.

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    Spend some in meditation and thinking after you finish your reading session.

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    First Quarter

    It will take almost three months for you to read one quarter of the Book of Mormon at steady pace. It is advised to read only one and a half page every day and reading at the same pace for 30 days will take you through 1 Nephi, Chapter 19. Understanding the text is the vital thing in the entire process and that is why you shouldn’t read more pages each day. This speed of reading and understanding for the next 30 days will take you to 2 Nephi, Chapter 19 and if you carry on with your impetus, you will read through the end of Jacob by the end of the three months.

  • 6

    Second Quarter

    Mosiah, Chapter 17, will be finished by the end of the fourth month if you carry on reading one and a half page daily. In the next month, you will finish of Alma, Chapter 7 and by the end of the second quarter, you will have completed reading through Alma, Chapter 24. You will notice that in six month’s time, you have read through 271 pages of the Book of Mormon, which is obviously slightly farther than the halfway through the entire book.

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    Third Quarter

    In the seventh and eighth months of your reading, you will finish off Alma, Chapter 43 and Alma, Chapter 60, respectively. When your third quarter will end, you will have completed The Book of Helaman.

  • 8

    Fourth Quarter

    Continue reading with your pace of one and a half page per day and you will finish off 3 Nephi, Chapter 20, by the end of the 10th month. Ether, Chapter 4, shall finish by the end of the 11th month and you will finally conclude the Book of Mormon in the 12th month after reading through Moroni, Chapter 10.

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