How to Read Two Books Simultaneously

Reading two books concurrently will not just suit anybody, but a number of times it is good to study and absorb various pieces of information as soon as you can or to allow your mind to enjoy different genres at one time. Reading books simultaneously helps you keep both books fresh and can allow you to make a comparison between the two. On the other hand, it can also give you a clear picture of what you might like to read between the two books. As a result of this, if you have the option between reading two books, try to read both to see which one you like better.


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    Take out time for reading

    If you are unable to read even one book at a certain point of time, reading two books at the same time is going to make it even harder for you. Remember that even if you have a short amount of time for reading, you can still try to give equal time to both books and cover them little by little. Also choose books that suit your interests and have good reason for reading them. See if the book is related or not. If you are looking to read on a certain subject, then it will probably make sense to read it. Moreover, if you are reading just for the sake of reading you can choose any book. Also try to read an interesting book as it will attract you to read it further than the first few pages.

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    Analyse every single book

    Check out all books. You can read the start of a book simultaneously or you can read it beforehand. See the contents carefully, read the introductions, prefaces and summaries for more information about the book. Begin reading the books when you are fresh and not tired from work. Read as soon as you buy it. This way you can read a huge portion of the book. Make sure you develop a keen interest in the story and give each book its fair share of time.

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    Place the books near your favourite places

    Try to scatter both books. Put one on your breakfast table and the other on your nightstand. This way you have more chances to read them while waking up to eat or going to bed. Select the book according to your mood or whenever you feel comfortable reading a few pages.

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