How to Read a Book

Books are a person’s best friends. They not only transport you to a place you have never been before but also relax you and ward off your tensions. Books introduce you to things you have never seen, heard or even imagined before, such as the books based on super heroes like X-Men. Some books like the Hobbit and the Harry Potter series transfer you to magical land. However, you need to follow some simple tips in order to enjoy maximum while reading a book. You need to read a book from the start to the end and should stay focused.


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    Get a book

    You need to get a book. You can find a good book in local library or your local bookstore. You can either buy or borrow the book. Besides this, get a book from your friend for few days and read. When searching for books, you should thoroughly seek shelves and pick the one which interests you.

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    Find an area in your house which is calm and quiet. Turn off your mobile, TV and do not get distracted by windows etc. By this you will have full concentration on the text and you will understand the book easily and quickly. Besides this, you can even sit in a coffee shop and read what interests you.

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    Time devotion

    You need to determine how much time you want to allot for reading and taking notes. In case you are reading 300 page textbook, you need to set four and half hours four reading and around half to one hour for taking notes. Remember that the time can be varied according to the length and difficulty of the reading material.

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    Write in your book

    In case you own the book, you need to take notes on the book and write on it. If you like something or read something important, you can make a star near it. Likewise if you cannot understand a paragraph, you can put a question mark there.

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    Take a highlighter and highlight all important paragraphs, texts and headings. Remember to have a dictionary nearby so if you get stuck on a word, you can quickly find its meaning.

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    Read and enjoy

    You need to read the book and enjoy maximum along with it. You should not just roll your eyes over the text book but should read it slowly and enjoy along.

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