How to Recognize Minimalist Style

A popular style of decor that is true to its name, the minimalist style is characterised by clean, sharp outlines, simplistic designs, monochromic colour schemes, and minimal furnishings. Far from the ornate and lavish styles of traditional decors, the minimalist style is simple, elegant, and quintessentially modern.

A great way to decorate a state-of-the-art office, or a cutting-edge house, minimalism is a clean, functional, and no-fuss style to adopt. However, in order to furnish a room in this style, it is essential to be able to understand and recognize its salient features.


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    Start by creating a mental inventory of the room under study, and give it a general, sweeping glance in order to study the first impressions you receive.  The room should be decked out in one or two colours at most (black and white are typical colours in a minimalist scheme), and the furnishings will generally be spare, with everything spaced widely apart.

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    Then, study the outlines of the furniture and other items in the room. The lines in the room will be clean, simple, and symmetrical – do not expect any elaborate, swirling floral motifs. The furniture will also have a very sleek and simple look, with no adornments – perhaps one or two classic pieces such as Asian or Chippendale, or Parsons-table styling will be apparent.

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    Examine the way the windows are dressed. As per the minimalist style, most windows will be left bare, while those that are dressed will feature tab-top curtains, grommet-topped curtains, venetian blinds, or even plain shades.

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    Pay close attention to the accessories in the room – if the room is furnished in a minimalist style, there will be little to no accessories or table-top furnishings, and the few that are present will be very simple in style. At most, the room might have a centrepiece that comprises a sleek platter with two or three fruits on it.

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    Finally, looks for the absence of clutter or layers – since the aim of the minimalist style is to keep everything simple and understated, a room furnished in this style will be devoid of ornate furniture, layered sheets, groups of pictures or paintings, floral arrangements, stacks of toss pillows, or the like.

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