How to Reconnect With Old Friends

Despite the fact that our lives have become very easy in the modern world due to the technological revolution, a major negative of this lifestyle is that we do not have enough time for our family and friends. Because of our hectic schedules, we often lose track of our old friends and many of our junior or high school mates disappear from our lives.

If you are missing some of your old buddies, you can use the modern technology, like internet and other communication devices, to good effect and reconnect with your old friends.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet
– Telephone
– Phonebook


  • 1

    Make a list of friends you want to reconnect with

    In order to reconnect with your old friends, the first step is to write down the names of the buddies you miss. Try to add all the information in front of the names, which can be helpful in searching for them.

  • 2

    Social media

    A huge percentage of literate people use social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Search for your friends with their full names on these sites. Chances are high that you would be able to find those old friends, who do not have high privacy settings. If you have the email addresses of your old friends, it will make your search extremely easy.

    Social networking sites offer public pages as well. If your school or college has an official Facebook or Twitter page, you will definitely find many of your old friends there.

  • 3

    Search on internet

    Apart from the social media, you can effectively use some search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN to reconnect to your old friends. Write all the information you have about the old friends on the search bar and then closely go through the search results. You may find many people with the same name; therefore, you would have to go through the results slowly to find your friends.

  • 4

    Find an old phonebook or diary

    Go through your storeroom, bags or cupboards to find any of your old phonebook or diaries. There is a chance that some of your old friends would be using the same phone numbers.

  • 5

    Ask other friends

    If you are in contact with any of your old friends or you are able to find even one of them, do not forget to ask about others to see if he or she is still in touch with them.

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