How to Recycle a Christmas Tree

Not long ago, disposing of a Christmas tree was as easy as dumping any unwanted item in the garbage but things have changed considerably over the last few years. In the United States and the UK, you must follow the instructions given by the municipality council to dispose of a Christmas tree. Recycling companies in particular have taken key steps in an effort to reduce environment pollution by controlling the number of natural trees directly wasted. Consider turning your Christmas tree into firewood to play your role in making the world a better place for everyone by recycling.

Things Required:

– Compost heap
– Wood chipper
– Gloves


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    First, you will be required to find your nearest compost heap and feed the tree to it. Remember that it is not possible to throw an entire tree on a compost pile because the tree is not going to disintegrate by itself. Consider cutting the tree into small blocks and then throw them on a compost pile. You can cut the tree into compost friendly shaving either by hand or with a shredder, whichever is more convenient to you. Be patient as a compost heap can take months to digest your Christmas tree.

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    For those who do not have a compost pile close to their house, they can do some research to find some kind of “Mulch a Tree” Programme, sponsored by their town. You will be required to take the tree to a specified disposal site where you can dump the compile friendly shavings of your Christmas tree. The mulched trees are typically used in parks or gardens by the authorities. Depending on the town or city you are living in, you could ask for a free pick up of your tree. Check your local resources on the internet for detailed information.

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    If your kids do not want you to mulch the tree, simply place it in your backyard. The Christmas tree in the backyard can serve as a shelter for birds and other living creatures. Hang a bucket on the tree and fill it with some kind of food for birds resting on the tree. Recycle your Christmas tree by arranging a free pickup with your local floral business.

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