How to Reduce Brake Fade

It is a natural process that over time everything wears down and cannot remain in the same pristine shape. Same is true for all parts of vehicles. It is very important that some of these parts must always be taken care of as they are crucial for the smooth working of your vehicle.

Car brakes are one of these components which should always be working well. As time goes by, they do not work as well and start to wear down. This issue is known as brake fade which is very common, especially in aging brakes. Although the issue cannot be removed altogether, if proper care is taken, it can be greatly reduced and brake fade can be delayed for a fair amount of time.


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    Good Brakes

    The process starts with buying the right set of brakes. Buy good quality ones to make sure that they last long. If you buy low quality brakes, they will fade much quicker.

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    Drive Right

    Do not brake too much especially when you are moving downhill. If there is a need to reduce your speed, try to do it by shifting the gear down. The less you brake in these conditions, the longer your brakes will last.

  • 3

    Brake Fluids

    Make sure that all brake fluids are as per the requirements and change them whenever they are due. This will greatly add to the life of your brakes and they will fade late.

  • 4

    Pump the Brakes

    Instead of flooring the brakes, pump them slowly as this will not only help in slowing down quicker but will also reduce the amount of wear and tear on the pads.

  • 5

    Check All Brakes

    Sometimes one of the brakes is not working properly and all other brakes have to work harder in order to stop the vehicle. Make sure that this issue does not take place in your vehicle as one bad break can make a lot of issues for the remaining ones.

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    New Brakes Care

    Treat the new brakes with care as the resin applied on the pads by the manufacturer starts to evaporate due to heat generated during the braking process. This is known as the green fade and a gas is created which forces the break lining away from the disc. The friction required for the breaking process is reduced. It is important that the brakes are treated gently for at least the first hundred miles so that they can adjust and work in an optimum manner for a long time to come.

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