How to Reduce Fat in Arms for Women

How to lose fat in arms is the most frequently asked question in women salons and gyms. Chubby arms not only look unappealing but also restrict your choice of clothing. Unfortunately, it is a fact that there is no way to lose fat from a specific area of the body, because there are certain parts that naturally store fat and it is really hard to prevent that. In women, arms are more susceptible to fat deposits as compared to men. While it is impossible to “spot reduce”, there are workouts that will give your arms a more toned look.


  • 1

    Revise your diet chart

    The most effective way to reduce fat in arms is to eat healthy and avoid junk foods. Include food in your diet chart which is high in lean protein (fish, chicken, egg white etc). Also eat a diet that consists of healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, walnuts etc) and slow burning carbohydrates (beans and legumes). Such a diet will not only help your body maintain muscles but will also play a key role in burning fat. Drinking plenty of water and adding fresh vegetables to your daily diet is also essential.

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    Eat a meal an hour or so before a workout

    Eat a meal an hour or so before you go to the gym so that you body has energy to workout. Otherwise, you may feel lethargic and this will hinder your performance.

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    Target all 5 major muscles in your arms

    Most of the women target only two muscles in their arms during exercise, but you have to target all the five muscles if you want the fastest results.

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    Have a liquid meal immediately after exercise

    The muscles in your arms will need nutrients inside 20 minutes of the last exercise of your arm workout and what could be better than a protein shake, it not only digests faster than solid food but also helps your body build muscles.

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    Cardiovascular exercises are good

    Engage yourself in cardiovascular exercises at least twice a week; this will help you burn fat faster. Swimming is the most effective cardiovascular exercise.

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