How to Register a Trade Mark

During this time of stiff competition, it is strongly recommended that you should register a trademark for your products. This will not only protect them from being forged or stolen but the customer will also be able to identify the company because of its unique stylish design. A trademark is considered very useful in cases of companies that have versatile product lines and have hundreds of items under multiple brands. Having your trademark registered can be a very lengthy process but keeping in mind its benefits, it is worth the effort.


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    Determine what you need

    The foremost thing is to determine what you exactly need. Most people fail to differentiate between a trademark, patent and copyright. This result in the wastage of time and resources and thus the required task takes quite a bit of extra time. A trademark is a logo, word or phrase that differentiates the product of a brand from another. This clearly expresses that a particular item belongs to a certain brand or company. In contrast, patent is a limited time safety of your invention while the copyright is used to protect the data and findings from being used by any other person.

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    Define your budget for an attorney

    If you have time and resources, then you should save yourself a headache by hiring a trademark attorney. A trademark attorney specialises in the area and deals in cases from the registration of a trademark to suing a party which has breached the laws. Therefore, if you have the budget, then you must hire an attorney to save you time.

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    Build your mark

    According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it is important for a person or organisation to use the standardised format for the alphabets while making a unique design in case of logos or symbols.

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    State the goods to which the trademark will apply

    Now, you must mention the products which the trademark symbol will be applied. Not to mention, regardless if you are a manufacturer, you can easily apply a trademark to the services offered by you.

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    Check the USPTO if the trademark is available

    After you have decided on the trademark, you must not waste time and check the availability by counter checking from the USPTO and register it if somebody else has not taken it.

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