How to Remove a Stubborn Oil Filter

During oil changes, the main thing is to drawing out the old oil and replacing it with the new one. This process involves replacing oil filter as well. However, it can be very frustrating when you draw out all the oil and fail to remove oil filter. Due to expansion and contraction, oil filters occasionally stuck on the engine. You do not need to worry as expensive oil filter removing tools are not required. You can simply use a big hammer and grease in order to remove the oil filter.

Things Required:

– Claw hammer
– Large Phillips-head screwdriver


  • 1

    Clearance area

    First you need to clear the whole area. You need to clear around nine to ten inches of area in 90 degrees arc around the filter. This problem may not be in older engines but you need to take caution when dealing with new engines. In case you do not want to clear the area then you might need to remove the filter by going through the bottom.

  • 2

    Use a hammer

    After properly clearing the area, take a hammer and put the claw end towards the filter. One end of the claw of hammer should be touching the filter. Next you need to puncture or smash the filter. In case you are going through bottom then you need to smash near the end of the filter.

  • 3

    Apply Phillips head screwdriver

    Next you need to apply Phillips head screwdriver in the divot. Smash it in a way that its head comes out form the other side of the filter. Use a hammer to smack on the Phillips head screwdriver until it pokes out from the other end. In case you are going through the bottom then you can apply Phillips head screwdriver in 45 degree angle. This is to make sure that filter comes off at the other end.

  • 4

    Hit the side

    In the end you need to hit on the side of the filter which will eventually result in removing of the oil filter. You should first hit the oil filter with your fist. If it doesn’t work then use a hammer to knock it off. In case you still fail to remove the oil filter then repeat the second and third step in a different spot.

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