How to Remove Stains from Neck Ties

Whether while attending a formal meal or stopping by at a hot dog stand during the day, neck ties (especially your favorite ones) seem to be able to attract stains and marks better than most other garments. On the other hand, neckties are quite expensive and you cannot throw them because of a stain. Therefore, you will want to do your best to remove the stains from your favorite necktie. Read this simple guide in order to know about various things you need as well as the process involved in removing stains from your neckties with just a minor effort.


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    Time is of the Essence

    As soon as you notice a stain has affected your tie, act quickly. Time is your enemy when it comes to dealing with staining on ties. So be ready and know what to do immediately.

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    Greasy Stain

    Study the nature of the stain on your necktie. If it is a greasy stain, make sure to be absorbed prior to being removed. Once the stain is dry, place your necktie on a flat surface and apply some baby powder or salt to it. Set it aside for few minutes until the salt or powder absorbs properly. Now, wipe the salt or powder off using a clean cloth. Repeat the process if required.

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    Carbonated water is your best bet in removing stains from ties of all makes and materials. Simply dip a clean cloth in some club soda or seltzer water and gently dab the stained area. Repeat dabbing with a clean cloth in carbonated water until the area is clean.

    Note: You should never rub the stain on a tie, as it will cause it to settle and spread. Instead, dab by pressing on the spot repeatedly, allowing the soda to work its magic.

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    If you have it handy, a silk specific cleaner can be a boon in treated stains on silk ties. If steps 2 and 3 have not removed the stain adequately, take your necktie to your nearest dry cleaner that specializes in men’s either clothes or stain removal.

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