How to Renew a Worn Staircase

Staircases can careworn over time for so many reasons. Worn staircases look ugly and affect the overall look and interior of your house. Moreover, one can slip from the damaged stairs – especially the kids. Therefore it is better to fix it up as soon as possible. You might be thinking to replace it, but that can be an expensive project for you. Therefore, it is better to renew it, which is an easy project and requires few easily available types of equipment.

Things Required:

– An electric drill machine
– Wood nails or screws
– Medium washer
– Lag screw
– Socket
– Ratchet wrench
– Screw-shank nails
– Sponge sander, profile sander or sandpaper
– Tack rag
– Vacuum cleaner


  • 1

    Fix the baluster or stair tread

    First of all tighten the stair tread or baluster. All you have to do is, drill a pilot hole at an angle and then insert a large nail or screw into it, using a nail set.

  • 2

    Secure a newel post

    Use a drill machine to bore a home counterbore hole right at the base of the newel post. Now, bore/drill a pilot hole through the counterbore hole and into the framing right behind the newel post. Place a medium washer on a large lag screw and gently place it into the hole. Carefully drive in the screw, using a socket and ratchet wrench. Use a sandpaper to smooth the surface of the newel post.

  • 3

    Fix a loose banister

    Bore a counterbore hole into the wooden mounting plate, suing an electrical drill machine. Drill another hole to insert the screw-shank nails through the wooden mounting plate. Now use a wood screw to tie up the plate to the wall along the staircase.

  • 4

    Sand worn stair treads and handrails

    Use a sponge sander, profile sander or sandpaper to smooth the surface of the handrails, removing threads. Remove the wooden particles with tack rag and vacuum the area around the staircase.

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