How to Renew an Ontario Health Card from Ottawa

Ontario residents are blessed to have a universal publically funded health care plan sponsored through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This plan is funded by taxes that are paid by Ontario residents and businesses as well as transfer payments from the Federal Government. Your proof of being covered under this plan is an Ontario Health Card.

For all current holders of Health Cards, there is a section at the bottom of the card that reads “Valid Until” followed by a date linked to your annual birthday. It is imperative that you renew your Health Card before that date; otherwise you risk not being covered by OHIP.

The following Step by Step Guide helps people who currently hold Health Cards to successfully renew their cards.

If you are new to the province, you must apply for a Health Card. For a Step by Step Guide on applying for a Health Card for the first time, click here.

Contact – 1-888-376-5197

Core Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm EST


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    Renewal Notice

    2 months prior to your Health Card’s expiry date, a Renewal Notice will be sent to you in the mail. You are also able to renew your Health Card 6 months prior to the stated expiry date if you so choose.

    If you have moved since you applied for your current Health Card and failed to inform ServiceOntario, it is imperative that you inform them as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is online at A link leading you to the correct site can be found here.

    There is no fee for changing your address information and the transaction is secure and immediate.

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    Update Health Card Information

    If one of the following situations applies to you, it is suggested that you update your Health Card information immediately:

    -   change of address (stated above);

    -   change of name due to marriage; or

    -   legal name change

    Information on dealing with all of the aforementioned situations can be found in the ServiceOntario FAQ section here.

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    Health Card Renewal

    If you are aged 15 and a half or older, you must do the following in order to renew your Health Card:

    -   go to your nearest ServiceOntario Centre location (click here);

    -   Complete a Health Card Renewal Form (Form 4297-82); and

    -   Original documentation that proves your residency in Ontario as well as an original document with your name and signature for proof of identity.

    For a list of acceptable documentation for the last point above, click here.

    Note: Only original documents will be accepted, copies will not be acknowledged.

    People who qualify in the following categories will be required to bring with them additional documentation as proof of changed status:

    - If your name has changed you must bring a marriage certificate or change of name certificate (originals only);

    - In case of a change in immigration or citizenship status, original documented proof needs to be given to prove the change;

    - Children who have turned 15 and a half or older are now required to renew their health card in person and must show their own original documents (Lists 1,2 and 3). A list of acceptable documents can be found here.

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    Mail in Renewal

    The vast majority of individuals will be required to renew their Health Card in person. The following demographics however are eligible to renew by mail:

    Children under the age of 15 and a half – a letter will be sent urging the parent or legal guardian of said child to renew on the child’s behalf at a ServiceOntario Centre. The onus is on the parent or legal guardian to show their own proof of residency and identification to support the child’s renewal. A child renewal form can be found here.

    Seniors over the age of 80 also have the option for a mail in renewal. A renewal form can be found here.

    Note: Mail in renewals do not have  a photograph or signature as they are not legally required.

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    Outreach Registration

    If you live in a rural area near the Ottawa area but do not have an office within travelling distance, you can contact ServiceOntario and ask for information on Outreach Registration.

    Contact – 1-800-664-8988

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    It is important for the sake of your health and the ones that you love that your Health Card be kept with you at all times in case of emergency.

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