How to Repair a Glass Aquarium With Epoxy

If your glass aquarium is damaged from any side, you should not let it be that way for long. If it is filled with water and somehow the glass has been damaged, it is of utmost importance that you empty the aquarium otherwise it will burst into pieces due to the water pressure. Not to mention that repairing glass aquarium with epoxy is not only effective but economical as well. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways to repair your glass and give it a fine finishing.


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    Locate the breakage

    It is of considerable importance that you empty your fish tank and analyse it with extreme caution. There is a strong possibility that your glass might also be cracked from somewhere else due to the damage in the front. For this, you should check the side panels and the backside of the aquarium. Make sure that you have checked the aquarium from all sides and joints. Remember that it is important that you identify whether the glass aquarium has multiple damages or not.

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    Buy epoxy from your nearest store

    After you have located the damage, you must go to your nearest hardware store and tell the salesperson that you want to buy epoxy. Note that epoxy resin stays unaffected by water and there will be no doubt of having your tank damaged again from that point.

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    Empty your tank

    After buying the epoxy resin, you must empty your tank completely. Make sure that you have drained all the water and the decorations and fishes are kept in a safe place.

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    Clean your tank

    It is of utmost importance you clean your tank properly as this will give you a good idea of locating the damages. Not to mention that it will also help you in repairing your tank efficiently and quickly. Make sure that you have taken care of all the residuals and dirt in your tank.

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    Apply epoxy to the damaged area

    After everything is in its place, you must start repairing the damaged area. If your glass has broken into pieces, you can apply tape on one end of the glass to give it support and paste a layer of epoxy on both sides of the glass. After you have applied it well, you must quickly joint the broken pieces to the main body of the aquarium.

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