How to Repair Plumbing Pipes under Mobile Homes

Maintaining mobile homes on trailers can be a tricky task, especially when there is a problem with plumbing pipes. It can be really messy if the leakage is within your home and it can further cause severe damage to the trailer as well. The hitch itself is not a big deal to overcome but it is the access to the pipes which makes it difficult to repair. The repair of PVC pipes under the mobile homes is heavily charged by the professionals but you can save all that money by exerting some effort from yourself. All you need to know are a certain steps to follow and you can fix the plumbing yourself.


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    You first have to look for any leakages within your mobile home. Water spilling under the sink, bathroom or any other place can clearly be noticed and the leakage is to be repaired appropriately. However, if you don’t see water spillage anywhere in the home and still notice low water supply, this means there is some sort of leakage underneath the house.

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    Take a torch light and look for water spillage under the mobile home. A pool of water gathered underneath the trailer or water dripping from a certain point can easily be noticed. The insulation pipes are often damaged and leakage is more prone to come from those pipes. Locate the leakage and note down the size of that pipe.

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    Once the leakage is located, you have to replace the broken pipe with a new one. You need to cut that specific portion of that pipe and put a new one in its place.

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    Make sure the water supply is turned off before you start cutting the pipe. You can use a hacksaw or any other appropriate cutting tool to remove the damaged portion of the plumbing pipe. After cutting the broken pipe, the next step involves the installation of a new one.

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    Cut down a piece of new PVC pipe equivalent to the length of the broken one. You will require two PVC couplings to fix at either ends of the new piece of pipe. Also, PVC cement will also be needed to affix the couplings to the pipe. Let the cement dry for at least 10 minutes after its application.

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    Attach the new piece of pipe to the space from where you cut the broken portion. Apply more glue to the sides of the pipe and seal it completely. Let it settle for an hour.

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    Turn on the supply to see if the water pressure has increased or not. You can also use PVC cement glue to cover up other small leakages within your mobile house.

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