How To Replace a Fuel Filter

Fuel available at the pumps and gas stations may contain different types of contaminants which are harmful for the engine. The most common source of contamination is the rust generated in the fuel tanks. If these unwanted particles are not removed from the fuel line they will cause wear and tear of the engine and may cause blockage of the fuel injection assembly.

A fuel filter is used to clean our dust, rust and other unwanted particles from the fuel and is an integral part of the fuel line. It is generally in the form of a centrifugal cylinder containing a filter paper.

Filters are required for almost all combustion engines due to the need of high quality fuel in the automobiles these days. All fuel filters have a limited time span before they get choked. Their life may be cut short if the fuel tank is rusty, so you need to change the fuel filter on regular basis to protect your engine.

It is very easy to change a fuel filter at home and it saves a substantial amount of time and money.


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    Visit a hardware store and purchase protective glasses if you do not already own one. Bring the car in your shed and bring out all the tools. Use a jack to lift the vehicle till the wheels go about 4 or 5 inches free of the ground. Safety comes first; so use a fail safe load bearing stand on either side of the car.

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    Locating the fuel filter is the trickiest part as its location varies vastly from vehicle to vehicle. For some cars it is present near the fuel tank, for others it may be present near the engine assembly. Start your search near the fuel tank and use a torch for illumination. You can find out the location of the fuel filter in your car user manual as well.

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    Take off the covering surrounding the filter with the help of a simple or hex wrench. Disconnect the fuel lines attached at the back side of the fuel filter. These lines may be attached to the wires using different configurations; use the required tools to remove the lines. Fix a pencil or a shopping bag to stop the fuel from draining out.

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    Remove the fuel filter assembly with the help of a wrench and fix it back after replacing the filter. Make sure it is attached in a way that the fuel arrow points towards the engine.

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    Reattach the hoses and the nuts to complete your weekend’s mini project.

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