How to Replace a Lost Diploma

It is extremely important that a person takes great care of his or her educational documents as they are the proof of what we have achieved academically and may be needed when applying for a job as well as other purposes. There are times, however, when these may be lost and that can be a big problem.

In case such an event occurs, it is important that a replacement is sought right away. Like all official matters, there are procedures in place to tackle with this situation as well. In this article we will discuss about how to replace a lost diploma.


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    Contact Issuing Authority

    The first thing that you need to do in this kind of a situation is to contact the school or college that had issued the diploma. They are the ones who can replace it and can guide you on the exact requirements as per their rules.

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    Fill Paperwork

    They will give you paperwork to fill, in order to get duplicate diploma. Make sure that you fill it in properly and do not miss any sections or give incorrect information. Doing so can delay the process by several days and will add to your problems. Once you fill the form, go through it to recheck if all the information that is required is given and is accurate.

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    Pay the Fee

    The fee and the procedures to pay it, may be different in each school and college. Mostly, it will either be an online payment or a direct payment to the cashier at the given institution. It is also possible that you may be needed to give a cheque in the favor of the educational institution. The fee can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Make sure that you keep a proof of payment with you as it may be needed later on.

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    Submit the Documents

    Once the fee is paid, you can submit the required forms and any supporting documents to the school’s office. They will process the request as per their procedures. This may take a few days.

  • 5

    Receive the Diploma

    The diploma should be arriving in your mail so keep any eye on your mailbox. Once you receive it, make sure that you place it somewhere safe so that you do not have to go through the same trouble again. You may get it framed and put it on your wall to earn some bragging rights as well.

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