How to Report an Identity Theft in London

Identity fraud, or more commonly known as identity theft, is when somebody impersonates to be you. This may be to take advantage of the perks and privileges that you enjoy under your identity, or to misuse the information that can be gained by the pretention. Cases of identity theft mostly involve misusing credit and/or debit cards of an individual.

This is when an imposter, pretending to be the person whose card he/she is using, orders or buys products/services and charges it on the bank account of the person in whose name the card has been issued. Whether you have been a victim or not, it is imperative to know how to report such a scam while residing in London, because it is absolutely necessary to keep your identity safe and apprehend such criminals to protect potential victims in the future.


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    Many people wonder how they can know when their identity has been stolen. You can do that by noticing if there have been any unusual purchases through your debit/credit card by looking at your bank statement. It can also be found out if mails that were important have been missing, or there have been new credit cards appearing in your record.

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    If you believe that your credit cards have been fraudulently used, the following agencies can be contacted to remedy the situation.

    Email them.
    Telephone: +44 870 060 1414

    Email them.
    Telephone: +44 844 481 8000

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    Concerns and questions can also be relayed to Equifax through their website. If you wish to send the query through the online sources available, then choose the “Ask a Question” tab and fill in the information.

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    There is only a need to contact one credit reference agencies because they will convey your complaint to the other two.

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    In case you, as an individual or business, have fallen prey to identity fraud in the last 12 months then contacting Action Fraud may be a wise idea. It is the National Fraud Reporting Centre which provides assistance and information in such cases.

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