How to Report Hate Crimes in London

Hate crimes are based on many factors, and take various forms. These include social and psychological impairment of the person liable for such crimes, which include the biases they have against different sects, religions, races, sexual orientation and ethnicities. Although, Metropolitan Police of London has managed to curtail hate crimes based on homophobia by 7.2% while religious and racist hate crimes have also registered a decrease of 13% in 2011, but it still does not make this bleak situation any better. If you have been a victim of hate crimes in London and wish to report them, then this article will guide you how to do that.


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    Depending on the severity of the crime committed, the first thing that needs to be established is your cool. Yes. Remaining calm in such situations is the key to handling them at your best.

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    Inform the Metropolitan police department of London by dialing 999 for emergency cases and 101 for non-emergency cases.

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    There are times when the victims do not wish to directly approach the police with their case and for that reason; there are different NGOs and other organizations working as intermediaries. There are based in different boroughs and some work throughout London. They are:

    Borough of Lambeth
    has various departments set up for different kinds of hate crimes, starting from disability hate crimes to racist and LGBT.

    Borough of Lewisham promises to keep the victim’s case discrete and maintain confidentiality while no action is taken without the sufferer’s consent.

    South Lakeland District Council website has a form that can be downloaded from the website and returned to them so they can deal with the hate crimes in that area.

    StopHateUK has been working for 15 years to provide independent support to victims of hate crimes. 

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    Besides that, the Crown Prosecution Service has guides on prosecuting different hate crimes. Details can be taken from the website.

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