How to Report Mileage for Reimbursement

It is a system which is used by employers to compensate their employees for using their own vehicles for work purposes. While in the private sector the amount of payment or reimbursement depends entirely upon the employer as some companies only pay what is mandatory, in government offices, the employees are guaranteed mileage reimbursement as long as they can present proof with the help of a mileage log. It is therefore imperative that you keep a properly maintained mileage reimbursement log with accurate readings and calculations.  Keep reading to learn how you can maintain and report mileage for reimbursement.


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    To begin with, you first need to buy a memo pad or a log book in order to record the mileage. A mileage log is preferred because it is easier to read. You will find many different log books for sale at your local stationary or bookstore. There are specifically designed log books that are used just for this purpose and they are relatively inexpensive. Be sure to purchase the right log book according to your needs.

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    Before beginning your trip, it is important that you record the odometer mileage. At the end of your trip you then have to note the mileage once again. Remember it is very important that you are honest and that you report everything properly. If you do not, you might get in to some serious trouble as no company likes a liar.

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    Now that you have both readings, just subtract the starting from the ending mileage for the calculation of your mileage. Now write down this calculation in the mileage log. Be sure to put the exact date, destination and time of your trip for record keeping purposes.

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    You need to do further calculations by multiplying the miles driven by the amount per mile which you are paid by your employer. This can be done very easily with the help of a calculator. Once you get the final figure then remember to jot that down in the log book as  well.

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    It is recommended that you submit this mileage log to your employer at the end of every month or each pay period. You can also submit the information on the sheet which is exclusively used by your employer to collect mileage data.

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    It might be a good idea to use a spreadsheet program on your computer to handle your mileage log. That way the calculations can be done automatically and you can easily email this information to your higher ups with ease. They will definitely appreciate your electronic version as it saves considerable amount of time while preparing your mileage log book.

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    There are many new applications that are linked with your smart phone which can handle recording all your mileage information automatically and uploading to the appropriate software. This can definitely save you a lot of time and energy.

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