How to Resolve Conflicts at Work

It’s not necessary that you get along with every person you work with. However, if you are a professional, you somehow manage all the problems which the two of you have with each other. At times, despite the two of you acting as professionals, there is friction and the two of you may be involved in a conflict. Such conflicts are not only stressful for you, but also counterproductive for the organization and the people who are involved. Always try to be the bigger person and learn how to resolve the problem. This will create fewer problems for the people around you and it will also make things easier for you to work on.


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    At first, try to decide whether you want to confront the person who you had a conflict with or not. It’s true that you must first try to grieve into the air and let your anger go. If you are to confront the person out of anger, things will only get worse.

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    Once you do confront the other person, make sure that you are calm and composed regarding the whole situation. Try to avoid any gossips and never attack the other person personally. Make sure that you are mature and professional enough to deal with this situation. Immature people would handle the situation in the worst way possible.

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    The facial expressions and tone matter a lot. Never express hostility; you can be assertive without being aggressive with the other person.

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    It’s not always about you. You don’t have to start raging at the other person. Remember: the best person is a good listener. Always listen to what the other person has to say. Listen to them and try to understand their position.

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    Once you are listening to what they have to say, always give your input just to show that you also care about them. This way they will understand that you also care about their ideas and it is not only about you. Agree to their ideas and give a little bit of your own input.

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    Always be clear about what you want from them. Hiding behind words is the worst possible way to go about such things. Communicate everything clearly, be positive and offer recommendation if that is necessary. Be flexible.

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    If a problem with the co-worker is threatening not only you as a person but also you as a worker, you can always approach your boss. Explain the whole situation to him/her and they can help you out in resolving the conflict.

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