How to Respond to Feedback on EBay

Positive or negative, sometimes you feel that you should respond to a comment left by the person who has been involved in a transaction with you, in the comment box under his profile. Be assured your response will be seen and read by other people who have been logged on eBay. Your reply to the feedback solely depends on the nature of the feedback that you have received. However, try to be positive or at least neutral, instead of getting involved into a controversy. Nevertheless, your comments should be in line with eBay policy and rule of conduct.


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    Log Into Feedback Area

    First of all you will need to access your eBay feedback section. There are two ways to access that, you can either log into your account directly and click on the feedback tab next to your user name or you can also log through eBay's help section. Click on the forum board and then directly onto the Feedback area.

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    Read Feedback

    You should read and know about the comments to determine if you really need to respond to those comments. If the feedback is positive, generally you may not be required to respond to them publicly. However, if you see any attacking point, any controversy or some points that need clarification, you can respond to the feedback directly under the user name of the person.

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    Access Feedback Reply Section

    If you scroll down the page after reading the feedback that you have received, you will find tab inscribed with 'reply to feedback'. By clicking it you will be taken to the reply section, where you can write your feedback and submit, and it will be placed under the user name of the person, in reach of all users, who can read your feedback and your reply to the feedback.

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    Writing Your Reply

    Be assured you have to follow eBay's policy and code of conduct while writing a feedback reply. Use plain and simple language. Also, try to focus to the point you want to clarify in the reply, and avoid making it a lengthy speech. Readers are more likely to be convinced if you reply to the comments point by point and in a concise manner. Writing purposelessly will not help your cause.

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    Submit Your Reply

    Read at least once after writing your reply, and click on the 'Leave Button' and your response will be submitted directly. Your reply or comments will be in access of all eBay users and so will be the feedback you have received. It is likely that you again receive some sort of reply from the person whose feedback you have responded to.

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