How to Restore XP to a Previous Version

One of the benefits of Windows XP is that you can restore it to a previous setting or points, which is generally before you installed an update last time. The need to restore Windows to previous version arises in case your computer slows down or hangs frequently, and you do not know this can be fixed. Also, if you face any problem while downloading or installing an update, you can safely restore your Windows to a previous version. This saves your all settings up to the point you faced problem in installing an update.


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    You can restore Windows XP to a previous version, to the points which you know because you must have been installing updates on your system on a regular basis. Or else, Windows can suggest you the points and you can choose from them to restore your operating system.

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    Start with clicking the start button on left bottom of your task bar. From there click on the All Programs button, then Accessories and then System Tools. From there click on the System Restore button.

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    When you click on the System Restore button, you will be taken to an option that says 'Restore your system to an earlier date'. When you click the Next option, it will take you to the points you would like to restore your system to.

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    From the restoration points you will need to select one point or date to which you would like to restore your Windows XP. Be careful while selecting an earlier date or point, because all the updates leading from that point until now will be vanished. Your system after restoration will have all the applications and programs which were on the date which you choose for getting your system restored.

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    After selection of the point or date to which you want to restore your Windows XP, click Next button. This will start restoring your system to a previous version. The process can take some time, because the system first will need to collect all the files that were installed up to that data and prepare for restoration of your Windows.

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    While your system is in the process of restoring the Windows to a previous version, the system will reboot itself, so do not be worried about any change. After a while your Windows settings and system will be restored to the point that you have selected for the purpose, and you can notice that all updates that you installed leading from that date until now are no more there.

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