How to Ride a Ripstik Step By Step

Learning to ride a ripstik can be a daunting and challenging process. However, with some useful instructions and simple guidelines, you can master the art of riding a ripstik. You will face difficulty in the start, but once you get used to it, it will be a piece of cake. It is advisable for you to take help from a friend or sibling in the start, as he/she can help you in the balancing process. However, in case you can’t find a friend, you can balance using a wall or railing.

Things Required:

– Ripstik
– Proper footwear


  • 1

    Placement of the ripstik

    Place the ripstick in front of you on a flat surface. Place the nose or the small end of the ripstick in front of your front foot. The tail of the ripstick should be in front of your back foot. Then, you need to place your front foot on the nose, and make sure you apply a little pressure with the weight of your body, for balancing purposes. After you are stable, you can bring your back foot up and place it on the larger end of the ripstik. If you have a friend available to assist you, he/she can help you attain a degree of balance. It is also essential to wear proper shoes - do not wear anything too flimsy. A good pair of sneakers should suffice.

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    Pick up speed

    In order to get moving and pick up speed, you need to push yourself off with your back foot and then place your back foot on the tail of your ripstik. If a friend is assisting you, you can take help by holding on to his or her shoulders until you gain the confidence to ride on your own.

  • 3

    Gain speed

    In order to gain speed on a ripstik, you need to place both of your feet in the centre of the platform. Then, you need to keep twisting your waist slightly. This will help you maintain balance and gain speed at the same time.

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    Understanding how to turn the ripstik is a vital part of learning to ride it. Your front foot decides which direction you will go in. If you press down with the toes of your foot, you will turn in that direction. On the other hand, if you bring the heel side down, you will move in that direction.

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    Stopping the ripstik

    In order to stop the ripstik, you can simply step off it, or use one foot as a brake

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