How to Rig a Bass Assassin

Bass Assassin is a plastic lure used for fishing. The lure comes in different sizes and colours. You can rig the bass with a jig head or with any other method you use for fishing. Generally, smaller basses are used for fishing in sweet waters to catch small fish and bigger one for the saltwater fish. Anglers apply different methods for rigging the bass assassin, and almost all of them are effective as far as the result is concerned. There is no reported difference in the movement of the lure in the waters and they are equally effective in trapping the fish.


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    Holding Bass Assassin

    Start with carefully holding the bass assassin in one hand, generally left hand. Make sure you hold the lure firmly and avoid getting hurt when the jig head is put through the lure. Leave some gap between your palm and the lure, holding it more with your fingers and less actual hand. However, do hold the lure firmly. Since the hook is very sharp at its end, it can quickly pierce through your hand with a slightest amount of laxity.

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    Running Hook Through

    While you hold the bass assassin in your one hand, put the nose of the lure on the point of the hook and push it slightly inside. Make sure that the hook point is rightly balanced in the centre of the lure so when you put it through the bass, it runs through to end of its tail and does not poke out of any side of its body. Now run the hook through the body of the lure until it comes out of its tail. Make sure that the hook is out enough of body of the lure that it can easily tie with the line. You can repeat the process and run through the hook again until you are sure that the hook is placed right inside the lure. Leaving hook insecure can spoil your efforts to catch fish.

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    Linking Line

    After you have secured the hook inside the lure, you can link or tie it with the line. You can rig the lure with any other particular method that you use for fishing. However, the objective is the same that the lure should be firmly secured with the hook or any other tool you use. This will make your day and you might end up with a good catch.

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