How to Roll a Cigarette without Filter

If you like rolling your own cigarettes then follow some easy guidelines to learn how you can do this without a filter.

Things Required:

– Rolling paper
– Tobacco
– Clean table or any other surface


  • 1

    The first step is to spread all the tobacco out that you will be using in your cigarette, place it evenly on a table or on a big piece of paper.

  • 2

    You will need to buy a specially made rolling paper for this purpose and once you have it, rest it between your thumb and middle finger then use the index finger to hold the paper down in a stable position. Try to adjust the paper so that it looks like a half pipe, for which you might have to use your free hand as well.

  • 3

    Once the paper is in place, you now have to grab some tobacco with your free hand and delicately spread it on the rolling paper. Start from one end and then proceed forward, it is advised that you begin from the end which is being held by you. It is recommended that you even out the paper if needed. You will want to get it as level as possible which actually helps in the smooth burning of the cigarette.

  • 4

    Now remove any lumps of damp portions out of the rolling paper with the help of your fingers. Remember to take your time and not rush through this important step.

  • 5

    Since you will not be using the filter, you want to hold the paper with your other hand as well with the thumb and the middle finger and remove the index finger that was holding the paper in its position.

  • 6

    You now have to position the middle fingers of both hands in a way that they make a straight line, while the thumbs should be used to hold the rolling paper in position.

  • 7

    Now begin rolling the cigarette, starting from your thumbs. Here you will want to roll the paper between your thumbs and middle fingers. While rolling it is important that you apply pressure on the end of the cigarette with your thumbs and middle fingers. While doing so, try to keep your middle fingers and thumbs parallel.

  • 8

    Without creasing the bottom of the paper you will want to keep applying pressure as you complete the first rotation.

  • 9

    Keep rotating until the edge with the glue remains. You now have to lick this edge and seal the cigarette by applying pressure. However, be careful not to make any bends in the paper.

  • 10

    Finally you can pinch off the tobacco hanging out from the corners.

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