How to Root an Archos Generation 8 Device

The Generation 8 is a new line of tablets being offered by Archos. The Generation 8 comes in six different sizes ranging from a 3 inch display to 10 inches. The Archos Generation 8 device is extremely handy and useful for those people that need portability with full functionality in an easy to use handheld device. Being an Android device, means that the Archos Generation 8 will always remain stable and up to date as you can find thousands of applications to download and use. Other features include the ability to use Wifi and Bluetooth for connectivity. Rooting your Archos Generation 8 device will allow you to open up the Android operating system and unlock many features and capabilities. It should be noted that only experienced users should attempt to root their device as it can be rather complicated.


  • 1

    Get an Archos Generation 8 Device and Backup:

    Obtain an Archos Generation 8 Device or if you already have one backup your important contacts and information. Although rooting your device usually does not change your personal information or contacts, it can sometimes crash, causing a headache to retrieve your data. That is why it is a very good idea to do a backup of all your data either to the memory card, computer or laptop.

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    Find appropriate Special Developer Edition (SDE) file and download:

    The Special Developer Edition (SDE) is a different version of the software installed on your device. This version will allow you to root your device and unlock many features previously unobtainable. Find the appropriate version of the SDE file that you require and download from a safe website.

  • 3

    Install SDE to Device:

    It is important to copy this SDE file to your Archos Generation 8 Device. Take the SDE file from your computer or laptop and install it your device.

  • 4

    Open SDE file:

    Once installed on your device, go to the file manager and open the SDE file.

  • 5

    Go to Archos website and install the latest firmware:

    Obtain the latest firmware for device by going to the Archos website and find the appropriate firmware to download to your device. Once downloaded be sure to go in to the file manager and click on the firmware file. It is important to follow any on-screen instructions during this step.

  • 6

    Turn off your Device:

    Push the power button on your device to turn it off.

  • 7

    Push power button and volume down key at the same time:

    By pushing the power button and volume down key down at the same time will allow you access in to the Recovery System menu.

  • 8

    Choose Developer Edition Menu and then Flash Kernel and Initramfs:

    Using the volume up and down keys to navigate with the power button for selecting, go to the Developer Edition Menu and select Flash Kernel and Initramfs.

  • 9

    Attach Device to Computer and Install Initramfs and Kernel from XDA website:

    Carefully attach your Archos device to the computer to install the Kernel and Initramfs files from the XDA website. Be sure to uncompress these two files and then install them to your device. Once finished, click on ‘OK’ once you disconnect your device.

  • 10

    Obtain Supervisor Rights:

    At this stage you should have a preliminary root. To obtain Supervisor Rights, turn your device on and hold down the volume down key.

  • 11

    Choose Developer Edition from Menu:

    Choose Developer Edition from the menu and your device will give you Supervisor Rights.

  • 12

    Permanent Root Device:

    Hold down volume down as your device turns on. Next select Developer Edition Menu from the Recovery Menu. The select Remove Kernel.

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