How to Run a Horse Stable

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals and are widely bred for various purposes. Given their strength and built, they are used for various sports, such as Polo and Racing. There are several breeds of horses with characteristic traits, making them both popular and valuable. Investing in a horse stable can be a lucrative exercise, but running one is not easy and requires considerable expertise, capital and management.


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    It is imperative that you gain experience of working with horses before opening your own stable. Working for someone else first is a better option, as there you will learn how to take care of horses and also about the difficulties of managing a horse stable.

    During this time you will learn how to lead a horse, how to care for a horse, how to tell if a horse is sick, how to tack up a horse, how to prepare for the arrival of a horse and how to groom a horse. You might not have to do all this when you own a place of your own but still it is critical that you know this stuff.

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    The next step is to do research regarding what other stables are charging and how they are functioning.

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    This business requires a lot of investment, so you need to arrange money either by applying for a loan through a bank, or by borrowing money from other people who may trust you to return their cash later.

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    You now need to locate an appropriate property or land. Remember you cannot open a stable in the city as you need a vast area to keep the horses.

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    Once you have bought or leased the land of your choice, you will be required to get all the legal formalities out of the way.

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    The next step is to hire employees to renovate the whole area and then later help you in taking care of the stable and the horses.

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    You need to be very precise in the hiring process as the employees need to have some experience of working in a stable.

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    Make sure you remove any unwanted barbed wires and poisonous plants from your area as these can harm the horses.

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    You need to have a clear idea as to how many horses your stable can accommodate. Now bring in the animals and make sure that you buy the best breeds available.

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